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Boat Captain Ministries Mission

Being internet-based, Boat Captain Ministries is an organization offering reader / members the opportunity to more fully discover the diversity of religious thought.   Blog posts, Comments to posts, and Reading materials provide personal interaction and an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Many boaters find great spiritual meaning in their interaction and observance of nature while aboard their vessels.  The offering of Spiritual Reflections on this site is a foundational part of reader/member interaction.

NOT A 501 3)C) BoatCaptainMinistries does not solicit donations. Income to the Ministry is primarily derived from a share of revenue through book sales / links .

Being a Contributing Member Being a Member of Boat Captain Ministries is simple. Add your remarks to a Post and /or send images for the Gallery.

If you connect with others in your social network community, you can have them  join in the spiritual Boat Captain Ministries discussion.

If you want to remain anonymous, you may reply without giving your real name- an Avatar name, if you will.

Member’s primary benefit is being part of the BoatCaptainMinistries spiritual community.  Additionally, Members of BoatCaptainMinistries may request having a Marriage Ceremony performed by an Ordained Boat Captain Officiant (based on vessel location and schedules of officiant and wedding party.)


Spiritual Reflections by Captain Rooker, Minister

“In all of creation I find a reason to feel awed.  Regardless of where I am, but especially along the coast and enjoying such things as hearing a sea gull cry as it searches the Intra Coastal Waterway- I am awed.

I am awed and feel the presence of creation and wonder- why me, why now, and to what end the joys and sorrows of existence.  Boat Captain Ministries is my outreach to you of the boating community in the hopes that our spiritual perspectives may be shared.”